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Singing Courses

Discover our singing teacher accompanying three of her students for the Swiss Voice Tour competition


Develop your voice, your ear, control your breath, improve your posture and gain self-confidence: singing is certainly one of the most complete musical fields. By singing, the artist opens himself completely, he strips himself of all artifice and shares with his audience an intimate moment, in the greatest honesty.

Objectives and skills

Singing lessons allow the development of the voice posture, the development of the artistic personality, the vocal technique and the development of the voice through various styles. Learn to master the head, chest and mixed voice as well as the various types of vocality: belting, saturated voice, falsetto,... in order to be comfortable in the different styles.

The body plays a central role in singing technique. Thus, body and sensory work in the space and, for some, the development of body presence on stage, are themes addressed during the classes. Ear training, accuracy and improvement of rhythm, as well as improvisation and song creation for advanced students who wish to do so, will also be taught.

At Apolline's, music theory is integrated into the instrument class, sparingly and coherently with the subject studied by the child. In this way, theory sticks to practice and becomes digestible and interesting. To learn more about this subject, see our article on music theory lessons.

Learning music with Apolline

How do you get out of the usually rigid framework of the early years of musical learning found in most schools in Switzerland? 

Based in Lausanne, Apolline has a different philosophy. Rather than offering children and teenagers the opportunity to learn in individual lessons, the emphasis is on small group lessons - of 2 or even 3 students, depending on the instrument. This group work will encourage listening, playing with others, improvisation, as well as a sense of musical sharing. The students will progress technically, while having the pleasure of playing music. The extra motivation generated by learning and progressing together is an important driving force.

The groups are always formed according to the age and level of competence of the students, in order to allow a coherent exchange and dynamic progression. For more information, see our article on private VS semi-private music lessons.

Apolline offers its students the possibility of integrating a music band workshop, in addition to the basic instrument course, to allow them to play with other musicians of their own age. Accompanied by a teacher, they will learn to play in a group, through covers or their own compositions.


Cours Durée Prix mensuel* Prix unique**
Enfants et adolescents (moins de 18 ans) :
Semi-Privé - 2 élèves 40 minutes 111.00 CHF 1'250.00 CHF
Enfants et adolescents (moins de 18 ans) :
Privé 30 minutes 149.00 CHF 1'690.00 CHF
Privé 40 minutes 166.00 CHF 1'890.00 CHF
Privé 50 minutes 179.00 CHF 2'090.00 CHF
Adultes (dès 18 ans) :
Privé 30 minutes 166.00 CHF 1'890.00 CHF
Privé 40 minutes 175.00 CHF 1'990.00 CHF
Privé 50 minutes 189.00 CHF 2'190.00 CHF

* 12 mensualités à payer de septembre à août (voir notre règlement).
** Prix pour le paiement des cours de l'année complète en un seul versement.

Prix valablent pour une inscription annuelle (cours de septembre à juin). Tous les frais sont compris dans les prix affichés. Inscription en cours d'année possible (calcul du prix au prorata du nombre de cours restants)

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