Musical Theatre Courses

Musical Theatre Courses

What is it about?

The musical is a very special production because it brings together three performing arts: theatre, dance and singing! The actors who perform in these shows will therefore have to acquire and develop a solid training in these three disciplines in order to move from one art to another and know how to handle and enrich their palette by combining them.

Indeed, the artist will have to dance while singing, sing while interpreting and act while respecting a very precise choreography. This complex and global mastery will therefore push the apprentice actor to develop his or her skills in all areas and to be versatile. 


Subject specific teachers are a good entry point to provide quality instruction and progress in each of the skills needed for musical theatre. 

At Apolline we are pleased to offer a variety of courses in all areas. For example, we offer acting classes as well as singing classes!

However, in the next step, you will have to learn how to combine these newly acquired skills! Our musical theatre courses combine the teaching of our different teachers to perfect this complex and beautiful art! 

Objectives and skills

By working in groups on these different disciplines, by developing ways of combining and enriching them, the student will learn to interpret his or her sung parts with a fine and emotional performance. They will be able to develop their stage skills and understanding of space by choreographing certain passages and thus develop their tools for creating a complex and playful game in all areas! 

The final work will be performed on stage. Everyone will be able to showcase the skills in which they are most talented while continuing to develop the others, in a friendly and fun atmosphere! 

Learning to perform with Apolline

How to allow children of all profiles to make the most of their lessons, while developing their own potential? 

Based in Lausanne, Morges and Yverdon, Apolline's philosophy is based on the accompaniment of the student, creativity, freedom of each one, exchange and benevolence by proposing : 

  • A caring, listening, dynamic and creative teacher who will always seek to put the student at ease and value their qualities, while helping them to develop their potential. To achieve this, we take it to heart to create and maintain a safe environment so that everyone can perform without fear. At Apolline, we believe that it is essential to be able to try, make mistakes and progress in a playful atmosphere. 
  • A group with a coherent age range so that the students can take pleasure in the exchanges. The creativity of others will allow each one to develop his own. 
  • Coherent lessons with varied exercises and an evolution in the work, to allow the students to develop their abilities and the techniques of play in the long term and to consolidate their knowledge. 


Cours Durée Prix mensuel* Prix unique**
Musical comedy for children and teenagers (by age group) 60 minutes

79.00 CHF

900.00 CHF
Musical comedy for teenagers and adults (by age group) 90 minutes

99.00 CHF

1'150.00 CHF

* 12 monthly payments from September to August (voir notre règlement).
** Price for payment of the full year's course in one instalment

Valid for annual registration (courses from September to June). All fees are included in the prices shown. Registration during the year possible (price calculated in proportion to the number of remaining courses)

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