Born on 24 October 1965 in Bamako, Mali, Christian Moreillon is an art director, visual communications expert, author and designer living in Lausanne, Switzerland. With more than two decades of experience in visual content creation, communication and marketing, Christian has co-founded and run several creative companies, including, where he innovated in the fields of digital and gamification. He also launched the startup MoComics, a digital solution dedicated to the creation, publication and reading of comics and manga on mobile platforms, offering an immersive and interactive reading experience that is almost revolutionary.

An author, illustrator and comic strip enthusiast, Christian has made a significant contribution to the field, with acclaimed works such as the comic strip "Sur la Piste du Chasselas", which won an award from the International Wine Organisation in 2023. First a teacher at the ECAL, then the EMAF and the SAWI, his passion for visual narrative art, interactivity and new technologies reflects his passion for sharing experience and teaching knowledge.

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